Saturday, January 30, 2010

चिंता , भय , निराशा - हताशा से मुक्ति

Demolish Your Worries :
Pin Point The warning thought.
Look for the evidence.
Put yourself in some one else shoes.
Cost benefit analysis.
Think in shades of gray.
Watch out for distorted thinking.
Explore the worst possible outcome.
Box in your worries.
Keep perspective.
Visualize yourself in 10 years from now.
Turn worry in to action.
Distract yourself.

Ways to cope with crisis :
Be rational (logical), Scientific – remember that useless or harmful ideas (thought) are normal & nothing worse will happen, only wait & watch.
Only now matters, don’t think about what might happen.
Except the feelings & not pay much attention for thoughts.
Take slow deep breaths. Concentrating on breathing out.
Talk to some body , tell a close friend what you are feeling.
Concentrate as the feelings gradually subside, you think negative feelings will always subside because they have transient period of disturbing people.

Control Your Fears :
Understand your fear. Where did it come from , did you have a bad experience. Were you expose to people who taught this fear to you.
What are you afraid off. Write down five things that you think will happen if you face your fear.
Fear & anxiety can be managed by relaxation.
Face your phobia, if you will not face it will not go.
Rank your fears & be happy with your less fear.

Overcome to your depression :
Set yourself on simple tasks.
Keep a dairy of your activities & give value to positive things & ignore negative thoughts.
Challenge negative thoughts.
Talk to other people confide in close friends & member of your family.
Take some exercises.
Examine your goals.

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