Saturday, March 19, 2011

1 secret that takes minutes a day....


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You Will Love This "Positive Attitude" Habit....

Your attitude determines how well you will succeed when faced with a challenge.

Would you like to be able to instantly acquire a winners attitude?

Here is a simple positive habit that will change your attitude in seconds!
Choose or create a positive mental attitude trigger phrase and repeat it aloud many times each day. A habit trigger is an event, action, or thought that helps to reinforce your positive habits.

Your trigger phrases will help you to maintain a positive mental attitude. Choose or make up a positive phrase, such as:

" I know I can do it."

" I can overcome any obstacle."

" I am reaching my success goals every day."

" I am getting stronger and stronger every day."

" Every day I am getting closer and closer to my goals in life."

" If I believe it I can achieve it."

" Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive."

" I am losing weight every day."

" I am getting closer and closer to my goal of a trim and fit body."

Write down your trigger phrase on Post-it notes; place them on the mirror of your car, on your bathroom mirror, carry the note in your pocket. Repeat the phrase many times every day, remember to say it with emotion, believe it with all your heart. Make it a habit to repeat this phrase at least 30 times a day. Start your day with it.

The more you repeat your trigger phrases, the greater their effect will be on your attitude. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with your positive-attitude trigger phrase. You will now be building success-oriented positive thought patterns.

This habit will help you achieve a positive mental attitude automatically.

Remember,attitude is everything!

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